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The term ‘internet of things’ (IoT) has been around for a while. In simple terms, it refers to the connectivity between different kinds of technology.

Technology is connected via sensors within the machines. A sensor is not exactly a machine itself, but it is an essential part of it as a whole. This is the part which transmits data. Once the data is gathered and transmitted, there must be a way to store it and analyze it when it reaches its destination. To do this, cloud-based applications are the only way to interpret, transmit and store data coming from other devices. These applications enable apps to collect data and store it at any time.

The whole idea behind the Internet of Things is to make the world around us more intelligent and save time by using technology, which is valuable to all businesses.

Major Impacts of Internet of Things

Strong Testing Strategy

The conventional software testing strategies usually focus on specific devices, operating systems and web browsers. But businesses have to focus on embedded software while making a strategy to test IoT applications . They have to ensure that all aspects of the application are tested thoroughly and in many environments. At the same time, the testing strategy must include the emphasis on unit testing, continuous integration, clear requirements, complete test coverage, lean test plans, detailed user stories, and informative test reports. The conventional testing strategies have to be completely revamped to deliver a flawless IoT application

Emphasis on Cloud-based Applications

The devices will communicate with each other over the internet, and through software applications and sensors. Most devices in future will be designed with sensors. In addition to making it smarter, the sensor will further enable the device to gather, measure, and analyze data. But the sensors are completely different from conventional machines. The enterprises have to build the right infrastructure to leverage the information collected through sensors. Many businesses will soon rely on cloud-based applications to interpret and exchange the data collected by sensors. So IoT will require testers to assess a variety of cloud-based applications to check the effectiveness of sensors and embedded software.

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Focus on Usability, Performance and Security Testing

IoT will make it essential for enterprises to an emphasis on usability, performance and security testing of IoT applications. The next generation applications will sport a minimal design, with smaller controls or buttons. So the testers must perform usability testing to ensure that the users can operate the device in a quick and convenient way. Likewise, the testers have to perform elaborate performance testing to assess the application’s performance under varying internet connections. As the application will gather and exchange data over the internet, the testers need to ensure that it detects, collects and stores data despite disruptive internet connection. At the same time, the professionals also need to perform security testing to protect the IoT environment from various security threats. The security testing will include an emphasis on assessing the strength of passwords and effectiveness of encryption techniques.

Test Automation becomes Essential

The QA professionals have to perform a variety of tests to assess the functionality and performance of an IoT application accurately. They also need to repeat certain tests to determine the application under different conditions or based on various parameters. So enterprises have to automate the manual testing efforts to increase test coverage and complete all required tests within a shorter time. The test automation tools will further help users to evaluate code coverage and interoperability of devices without putting any extra time and effort. Likewise, the emulators and simulators will help the enterprise to test IoT applications across many devices without investing in real devices and hardware.


Need for New Testing Tools and Frameworks

The businesses cannot rely on conventional software testing tools and frameworks to test applications accurately in the IoT environment. They will need test automation tools designed specifically for testing sensors, cloud-based applications, and embedded systems. Likewise, they will also need tools to assess the application’s performance across many devices, platforms, and networks. The managers will also be required to pick the right test automation tools to evaluate custom and complex IoT applications. Many companies are expected to launch specialized test automation tools by targeting the IoT environment.

On the whole, businesses have to explore innovative ways to test software applications developed for the Internet of Things environment. Also, the testers will need advanced and customized tools to assess the effectiveness of the software application to facilitate communication and data exchange between varieties of devices.

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